Welcome Phizzi to the JAM Stream Team!

Mon 5th Jun 2017 - 2:33pm Gaming

We are pleased to welcome Phizzi to the JAM Stream Team! The #ColaCrew is one of the most welcoming and enjoyable communities that we have ever come across and we are humbled to be supporting the growth of the channel moving forward. We have prepared a short interview to introduce Phizzi to the #JAMFAM and give you an idea of what to expect from his stream. Make sure to stop by and say HI.


What can viewers expect from one of your streams?

Phizzi's stream is a light hearted, interactive and welcoming environment equipt with horrible jokes, mediocre gameplay and an awesome community. Pull up a seat!

What are your favourite games to stream at the moment?

I always pride myself as a variety caster but if I had to pick a few games as of right now; PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and the new flavor of the week Friday the 13th.

Where did you get your gaming alias from?

My name mostly originated from the Call Of Duty days; I use to be one of those montage kids and would pass through plenty of clans to make content. I went from Physics to Phiz and it stuck.

How did you get into streaming?

Once I got into twitch around 2012 I was extremely interested in becoming a broadcaster as it looked like a blast to share gaming moments with everyone. Unfortuantley I couldnt get into it until late 2015 due to a horrible affliction called 'AU Internet.'

What are your rough streaming times?

8:30PM AEST - 3AM AEST Every day except Saturday


Follow Phizzi on Twitter and Twitch




Chris Bridle

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