Welcome Twistie to the JAM Stream Team!

Fri 9th Jun 2017 - 3:24am Gaming

JAM Gaming is excited to present Twistie as the latest content creator to join the JAM Stream Team. Twistie is a variety streamer with a passionate following, particularly around the game AFL evolution.  We are happy to support him in achieving his goals and look forward bringing his unique content to the esports audience.

We have prepared a short interview to show what you can expect from Twistie's stream:


What can viewers expect from one of your streams?

Exciting times with a welcoming chat and just when everything seems to be going well, the Chaos begins.


What are your favourite games to stream at the moment?

I stream an old game every Tuesday so thats a ton of fun for me to re-live my childhood memories by playing games I haven't touched in years.

Also really been enjoying the old Zombies maps coming to Black Ops 3, but I do have the most fun playing the role of a footy coach in AFL Evolution.

The chat gets really involved, its insanity.


Where did you get your gaming alias from?

Complete accident, I put the email I was using, which was mums email, into the username section when making a PSN thinking it was the same thing.

Then it just stuck with me. No idea what I would be called otherwise.


How did you get into streaming?

I'd been making YouTube videos for a number of years and met a stack of other creators through that, I saw a few of them get into streaming and followed suit.


What are your rough streaming times?

Reguarly Live From 8PM Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday + Extra days if I can


What are all your socials?

Twitch: TwistieStream | YouTube: Youtube.com/Twistie3 | Twitter: @Twistie3 | Instagram: little_mill


What is one thing about you that most of your subscribers dont know?

My Baking skills are quality. Cookies anyone?




Chris Bridle

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  • Twistie is an assortment streamer with an energetic after, www.courseworkhelppros.co.uk especially around the diversion AFL development. We are cheerful to help him in accomplishing his objectives and look forward conveying his extraordinary substance to the esports gathering of people.

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