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Thu 21st Apr 2016 - 2:43pm Gaming

JAM Gaming is proud to present YouTube Gaming Streamer ‘dibbs’ as the latest addition to the family. Dibbs started his channel in Early 2015 and has grown steadily to over 12k subs. His highly interactive variety stream is a perfect fit for JAM’s content creation vision. We look forward to a long and successful relationship. Below is a short interview with the man himself to give you an insight into his stream.

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Describe your stream?

My stream at its core is variety based with a heavy slant towards viewer interaction. I used to bug out when I would go into people’s streams, say hello a couple of times and get ignored by the streamer. Right now I'm playing a lot of Call of Duty while we wait for other major releases this year.

What is it you enjoy most about streaming?

Definitely the interaction and the banter with the viewers, without them this wouldn't even be a thing.

Who were you inspirations when you started?

Before I started I spent 3 years watching various people stream, inadvertently taking mental notes on what I liked and didn't like across countless amounts of streamers. When the NBN was finally available I thought to myself "I could do this, it doesn't look that hard" and really put all of that time spent watching into effect.

What was the first game you ever played live?

The first game that I played live was funnily enough, the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PC beta. I would love to be able to play on PC but unfortunately the lack of love from Activision for dedicated servers on PC means that it really only lives there for about 2­­­-3 months before numbers really fall off.

What do you think set’s your stream apart from others?

I believe it's the interaction, and the fact that it feels professional upon first glance but quickly becomes a hangout between friends.

What’s your favourite game genre?

Shooters. Definitely.

The first game you ever played?

I believe it was Missile Command on the original Macintosh when I was 4. I went over a family friend’s house and it blew me away (literally).

What does a day in life for you look like?

I'm pretty sure it's the same as a lot of other guys that are chasing a dream of doing this full time; get up at 7am and go to work at 8am for 8 hours, then get back home at 5pm and (as quickly as possible in a 2 hour slot), walk the dog, sort out dinner, and get ready for the stream, then it's onto streaming for the entire night that usually ending at 1-2am, then it's bed and we do it all over again.

What can we expect from you in the next 6 months?

On the streaming front, expect hundreds of more hours of content covering all the latest releases. Beyond that I'm looking forward to PAX in November, as well as VidCon in July 2017.




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