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Sun 22nd May 2016 - 2:33pm Gaming

Since the initial Overwatch reveal at Blizzcon 2014 we at JAM Gaming have been working towards recruiting a competitive Overwatch team to dominate the ANZ region. The day has come and we believe this team will lay the foundations for the continued success of JAM Gaming and ANZ Overwatch. JAM managers Pulse, Amayze and Benjy were lucky enough to get closed beta access and were scouting the talent pool from early on. The team has been developing for a few months and with back-to-back 2nd place finishes in the Best of the Beta Tournaments we are prepared to battle with the growing list of strong teams in the region. JAM Overwatch is extremely hard working and we feel there is still a lot of room for growth. We are extremely excited to Present JAM Overwatch and we look forward to being a positive influence on the competitive scene for years to come.

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We have prepared a short highlight video:

Here is an interview from Support Player and Team Co-Manager 'Benjy':

What is your opinion on the ANZ competitive Overwatch scene so far?

The ANZ Competitive scene is in a fantastic place right now, there are so many players and teams out there with a competitive mindset and it's great to see. From the first day of closed beta I could tell this game had huge potential, but the ANZ scene really surprised me with how much dedication players and teams are putting into the game to reach a competitive level of play. The game is still in beta and the competitive scene is already great I can not wait to see how the scene progresses upon release.

Which team are you most excited to play?

This is a tricky one as there is still some unharnassed skill out there, but as release is quickly approaching I cant wait to duke it out with the new Alpha Sydney team and of course our rivals Vanderlay Industries.
What are the roles within the team? What's the team dynamic like? Who does the drafting? Shot-calling? Is there someone who makes everyone laugh? Who is the biggest troll?
JimeB, Aetar, and Mokyun do the killing Peelz does the shielding and myself and Dozza don't get appreciated enough. The team dynamic is great, everyone gets along really well. Drafting is more or less a collaborative effort as we all have a diffirent take on the game, by doing so I feel we are able to identify strengths and weaknesses of team compositions more readily. Shotcalling is 70% done by JimeB and 30% by everyone else, in reality everyone is a shot caller and contributes ideas as one person can not see everything, JimeB is by far the most vocal on the team he keeps everyone cool, calm and collected even when things go the wrong way. As far as Joking around goes, we are all equally distracting. The biggest troll award is at a tie breaker with Mokyun and Dozza needing a photo finish.

After your recent tournament showings how do you feel you rank up against the rest of the ANZ teams right now?

Considering the restrictions of only having closed beta teams to play against it's really hard to determine where we sit on the leaderboards as the competetive scene is growing at a rapid rate. In saying that I feel we are without a doubt a top 2 team within the region at this point.

The roster was finalized with the recent addition of support player Dozza. Since then, how has the team progressed?

After our strong showing in the Best of Beta#1 we knew we had something good going so we decided to take a look at the team more thoroughly. Amayze who played tank for us in the first tournament wanted to move into the team manager role which left an opening for a new addition. Peelz at the time was playing a flex position but showed interest in being the tank player which was an easy transition. Once we got Dozza on the roster, we really started showing our strengths. He has a great mindset for the game and is very determined to win. Having a solid roster has allowed us to focus on our gameplay a lot more and the team has come such a long way from where we started.

Does the team have any goals or motivations?

The main objective of the team is to be number 1. The team has been putting in some extremely hard work into the amount of time and dedication to the game. Knowing that the other 5 players on the team are just as determined to be the best is motivation in itself. Being able to represent JAM on stage with the entire team would be a dream come true. I have no doubt that Just A Minute Gaming will be one of the top 4 ANZ teams.



Chris Bridle

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