Analysis with Shalthis - RLCS Recap

Sun 11th Jun 2017 - 5:45am Gaming

With the RLCS Finals all over, it’s time for a post-mortem on the OCE teams who participated, since it was Oceania’s first foray into the Rocket League Championship Series. OCE would be represented by JAM Gaming and Alpha Sydney. We would also saw David “yumi_cheeseman” Lane from Throwdown joining the analyst desk. He was one of the few people who gave the Oceania teams the support they deserved. In fact, it was the performance by Alpha Sydney that would allow yumi_cheeseman to hit James “Jamesbot” Villar in the face with a pie.

Alpha Sydney would do the unthinkable and send Denial Esports to the Lower Bracket in 5 games. With their traditional lineup of Torsos, Drippay, and Jake would eventually be sent to the Lower Bracket themselves by eventual finalists and Upper Bracket winners Mock-It eSports. Both teams would ultimately be eliminated by The Leftovers who would go on to eliminate Season 2 Champions FlipSid3 Tactics before being eliminated themselves by eventual champions Northern Gaming.

JAM Gaming, consisting of Montyconnor, Bango, and Express, would be Northern Gaming’s first victory before being the first OCE team eliminated by The Leftovers, though JAM would take a game off of them, same as Alpha Sydney and FlipSid3 Tactics. The OCE teams would face a strategy from all competitors not too different from what they left back in Oceania with booming shots and mid-field control, but Alpha Sydney would be the only team that would read their opponents and adjust their strategy well.

Next season, JAM Gaming needs to adjust how they play against NA and EU teams. Hopefully, we got a close look at how Northern Gaming and The Leftovers play. Even though both are EU teams, we gained a lot and JAM.RL can adapt to next season. Not only do we have to analyze how the two teams we played against play, we should also look at Alpha Sydney’s series win and see what they did in the games they won and lost. There’s a lot to gain, even from defeat, and I think we need the help going into next season.

Though neither OCE team would score an elimination, they definitely made a name for themselves and hopefully we can see more teams from Oceania in Season 4 of RLCS.


Written by @Shalthis - JAM Ambassador



Chris Bridle

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